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A community-focused dining experience featuring seasonally inspired, ingredient-driven Southern cuisine. 

Located in the historic Hall’s Drug Store building, Rx has been a mainstay of the Castle Arts District since 2012. The incredible passion of Wilmington’s farmers and fishermen inspires our menu. Whether it’s Dave’s chicken, Herbie’s collards, or Morgan’s mushrooms, we’re proud to support such dedicated craftsmen at our tables. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our partnership with Wilmington Compost Company enables us to divert all of our food waste from the landfill. In addition, we are proud to be named a River-Friendly Business by Cape Fear River Watch as well as a certified 5-Star Establishment by Ocean Friendly Establishments. 


Lucy Beas and Our Seafood Operation

We’re thrilled to debut our own oysters, the Lucy Beas! Briney, creamy, and occasionally sporting rare green gills, Lucy Beas are grown in Stump Sound and Topsail Sound. We’re also in the process of cultivating our own clams on these same leases. Other locally-farmed and wild caught oysters will continue to be featured on our daily menus. 


Our fishing operation doesn’t end there. We’re also spearing our own fish, focusing mainly on the invasive (and delicious!) lionfish. By targeting this pervasive, tasty fish, we’re doing our part to save our seas and protect our fisheries. Eat more lionfish!

"Rx might just be the most local restaurant in Wilmington."

-John Wolfe, Devour Magazine

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