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Takeout Supper

November 28, 2020



Smoked Wings, Sweet & Spicy Sauce, Benne Seeds 12

Changin’ Ways Deviled Eggs, Smoked Flounder, Meg’s Tarragon 8

Dave’s Smoked Ham, Pimento Cheese, Rx Pickles, Sarah’s Biscuits 14

Artisan Cheeses, Kat’s Honey, Stefan’s Strawberry Jam, Spiced Pecans, Crostini 17

Rx Butcher Board, Rx Sausage, Smoked Ham, Crispy Rillettes, Lusty Monk Mustard, Rx Pickles, Hot Sauce, Crostini 15

Lady Edison Smoked Ribs, Herbie’s Scallions, Rx Pickles, Persimmon BBQ 17


Soups, Salads, Small Plates

Stefan’s Greens, Morgan’s Radish, Herbie’s Carrots, Chevre, Pecans, Meg’s Apple Vinaigrette 10

Dave’s Chicken Fried Egg, Stefan’s Arugula, Morgan’s Radish, Herbie’s Beets, Chevre, Honey Vinaigrette 12

Heirloom Pumpkin Soup, Sarah’s Benne Focaccia, Meg’s Lemongrass, Herbs, Rx Pickled Peppers 10

NC Clam Chowder, Rx Bacon, Herbie’s Potatoes, Green Onions, Homeland Cream 10

Changin’ Ways Pork Belly & Egg, Guilford Grits, Ashe County Cheddar, Jus 15*



*Choice of Herbie's Potatoes or Simple Black River Salad with Vinaigrette

Fried Flounder Sandwich, Stefan's Greens, Rx Pickles Comeback Sauce, Benne Bun 14

Lady Edison Pork Chop Sandwich, Herbie’s Kale, Morgan’s Peppers, NC Gouda, Rx Hot Sauce, Benne Bun 14

Pickled Shrimp, Stefan’s Arugula, Morgan’s Cauliflower, Peppers, Herbie’s Scallions, Rx Hot Sauce Mayo, Sarah’s Focaccia 14

Sorghum Glazed Duck Breast, Sourdough, Stefan’s Greens, Sweet Potato Chevre Spread, Lusty Monk Mustard, Rx Pickles 14


Lady Edison Pork Chop, Hoppin’ John, Stefan's Bacon Braised Collards, Persimmon BBQ 27

NC Shrimp, Grits, Rx Sausage, Moe’s Mushrooms, Peppers, Herbie’s Scallions, Meg’s Herbs 26

Changin' Ways Chicken Breast, Morgan’s Turnips, Kale, Herbie’s Carrots, Scallions, Potatoes, Jus 25

NC Duck Breast, Watermelon Radish, Sweet Potatoes, Kale, Morgan’s Cauliflower, Sorghum Gastrique 28

Rx Vegan Plate, AM Grains, Herbie’s Acorn Squash, Carrots, Scallions, Morgan’s Cauliflower, Kale,

Pecans, Meg’s Herbs, Rx Hot Sauce 18…

 *Add Changin’ Ways Sunny Egg 2… *Add Chevre 2



Guilford Mills Cheese Grits 5

Anson Mills Hoppin’ John 6

Stefan's Collards 6

Cottle Roasted Potatoes, Meg’s Herbs 6

NC Smoked Chevre & Gouda Mac and Cheese 10

Thanks for dining with us at Rx.  We proudly support local farmers and fishermen.

*Cooked to order or raw.  Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry,

 seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

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