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Rx Restaurant and Bar


February 20, 2022



Sarah’s Cinnamon Rolls, Meg’s Apple Glaze 7

Hardwood Smoked Chicken Wings, Rx Hot Sauce, Bee Blessed Honey, Benne Seeds 14

Morgan’s Fried Brussels Sprouts, Sea Love Sea Salt, Sorghum Gastrique, Benne 12

Changin’ Ways Smoked Ham, Ashe County Pimento Cheese, Rx Pickles, Biscuits 16

Greensky Deviled Eggs, Smoked Trout, Stefan’s Chervil 10

Smoked Fish Dip, Rx Pickles, Hot Sauce, Benne Crackers 12

Middle Sound Aquaculture Oysters, Stump Sound, Mignonette, Rx Hot Sauce 3 ea*

Ana’s Wild Caught Oysters, Masonboro Sound, Mignonette, Rx Hot Sauce 3 ea*

Sewee Oyster “Sea Hogs,” Sneads Ferry, Mignonette, Rx Hot Sauce 3 ea*



Stefan’s Lettuces, Clem’s Watermelon Radish, Spiced Pecans, Chevre, Meg’s Apples, Vinaigrette 12

Morgan’s Sweet Potato Soup, Chevre, Sorghum Gastrique, Spiced Pecans 10

Ana’s Clam Chowder, Smoked Trout, Morgan’s Murasaki Sweet Potatoes, Meg’s Thyme, Cream 12

Chicken Fried Egg, Stefan’s Arugula, Beets, Chevre, Benne, Honey Vinaigrette 16*



Omelet, Morgan’s Mushrooms, Stefan’s Spinach, Holly Grove Chevre, Guilford Mills Grits 15

Dave’s Smoked Ham Benedict, Slow Cooked Eggs, Hollandaise, Rx English Muffins, Grits 16*

Rx Smoked Ham Monte Cristo, Ashe County Cheddar, Brendon’s Egg, Morgan’s Sweet Potatoes 15*

Lady Edison Pork Belly, Brendon’s Egg, Guilford Mills Grits, Ashe County Cheddar, Jus 15*

Sourdough French Toast, Meg’s Apple Compote, Whipped Cream, Rx Bacon 12

NC Shrimp, Grits, Rx Smoked Ham, Tomatoes, Morgan’s Mushrooms, Meg’s Herbs 22

Speckled Trout, Herbie’s Carrots, A.M. Rice & Peas, Morgan’s Brussels, Ginger Vinaigrette 17

Piney Woods Chili Cheeseburger, Ashe County Cheddar, Coleslaw, Onions, Sweet Potato Fries 16

Fried Trout Sandwich, Stefan’s Arugula, Radish, Rx Pickles, Comeback Sauce, Sweet Potato Fries 17



                        Meg’s Apple Jelly 2                       

Guilford Mills Grits 5

Rx Bacon 5

Greensky Eggs 5*

NC Smoked Chevre & Gouda Mac and Cheese 12

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